Dominic Hassall Training Institute/ Smile Concepts

Full Flow marketing plan

Having success with a suite of brilliant postgraduate courses meant that it was difficult to get time to enjoy the family or get any time off. Our job was to help Dominic achieve the next step, after the initial success…

A marketing plan had to give Dominic more time, and simultaneously increase revenue. We identified that we also needed to take the load off an already stretched team, to allow them head-space for the bigger vision.

In our first year the course input doubled, by introducing an online-blended course. In year two we streamlined the business by systemising procedures and automating lead generation.

The Flow Online involvement has allowed Dominic the time to be with his family, constantly improve his courses, and reach an ever increasing number of grateful postgraduate dentists. We have also taken away much of the stress for Emma, the Practice Manager, so she can focus on running the dental practice and looking after the DHTI students.

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