Grow Your Dental Practice

“How do I get more patients and stay in control of costs?”

Imagine only attracting quality patients using efficient marketing without huge agency fees

Do you waste time and money acquiring new patients?

Do you want…

  1. An exceptional business foundation bringing quality patients to your practice?
  2. Less admin and technical headaches?
  3. To do it without high costs for an expensive agency?

You can have it all, right here.

  • Acquire new patients every day
  • Pre-qualify patients prior to the consultation
  • Create loyalty and increase patient spend

Business automation, ‘plug & play’ system, designed specifically for dentists like you.

Set up for you, and ready to start straight away, so you can focus on dentistry, and making your business thrive.

Does this worry you?

  • Another dental practice moving into your area
  • How to use Social Media to your advantage
  • Achieving a return from paid advertising
  • Getting caught up in admin
  • Not getting enough patients

You want to do everything yourself, right?

I get it. You are a dentist, and you also run a business.

By nature you want to be in control, keep your costs down, and also make more money.

You need clear and deliberate systems that are efficient and give predictable outcomes, with marketing using content written by dental experts who understand compliance and the professional ethics of dentistry.

We will set up your pathway, so you can monitor its performance.

What exactly is it?

  • Business automation system
  • Time saving software
  • Dedicated support manager
  • No huge agency fees

Transform Your Dental Practice and Grow Your Private Patients!

What if there was a way to automate your sales process, increase patient numbers, track results with intuitive reports, so that you can grow your practice and stay in complete control of your business?

  • Gentle sales training with proven results
  • Social Media posts, email and text marketing templates
  • Dashboard and reports that show you how to maximise your marketing ROI

Dental Marketing

Are you ready for more patients, and take control of your marketing spend?

Our review will identify any areas to improve every aspect of marketing and your sales process. Then we set the business automation in motion and start to get results immediately.

You will have a dedicated account manager, email and live chat help. Plus quarterly progress meetings where we analyse results and discuss improvements.

It’s like having your own marketing department without paying huge marketing agency fees.

Unlock your potential with our comprehensive ‘plug & play’ system, you’ll have everything you need to streamline and supercharge your business automation and marketing activities. Say goodbye to outdated practices and hello to autonomy as you take the reins of your practice’s growth.

Smile Concepts

  • SEO – 30 thousand clicks from Google in the last 12 months
  • Reviews – Over 100 Google reviews
  • Time saved – 100s of hours saved due to email automation

What is in the ‘Grow Your Dental Practice’ system?

Design your own unique ‘plug & play’ business automation system.

Attract clinical procedures

Get a steady flow of patients looking for high value, high-profit procedures.

Personalised dashboard

Gain real-time insights into your marketing performance. Track key metrics, monitor campaign progress, and make data-driven decisions with ease.

Advertising spend

You will know the ROI on your advertising spend, to the penny, with precise results.

Live training for reception staff

Nobody likes ‘sales’. We will train your staff in gentle sales techniques that are proven to work much better than hard sales. Empower your reception staff with proven techniques to enhance patient conversion rates and boost practice revenue.

Financial performance

Being in control means you will know how you can expand, then can relax, enjoy dentistry again, plus have more time for family and friends.

Tailored Solutions

Your system will be customized to meet the unique needs and goals of your dental practice.

Marketing agency costs

You get a system that keeps you in control, which costs a small fraction of a marketing agency, created by experienced dental marketing professionals.

Social Media Mastery

Build and engage with your audience and build a strong online presence across social media platforms, with expertly crafted templates.

Effortless email and text campaigns

Stay connected with your patients through tailored email and text campaigns. From appointment reminders to seasonal promotions, the customisable templates make it easy to nurture relationships and keep your booking schedule filled.

Patient loyalty

Patients will receive passive content, which will keep you top of their mind and will offer any cross-selling opportunities.


Google reviews make a huge difference for your digital visibility. Our automated email and text sequences will help to keep you at the top of search engines.


Referrals from existing patients are like gold, and an automated referral program will save you time and money acquiring new patients.

Price checkers and window shoppers

The online system will pre-qualify new enquiries so your valuable reception staff don’t waste valuable time.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the expertise of seasoned digital dental marketers dedicated to your success.

Ongoing Support

You will have your own account manager who understands dentistry, and specifically your business. We’re here for you every step of the way, providing support and guidance to help you achieve your business objectives.

Dental Patient Advertising

Right now, people close to your practice are searching for a new dentist, or they’re looking for certain dental procedures, usually through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

If you want, we can ensure that people who are searching online click on YOUR online ads, and get to your website.

…and it doesn’t stop, it’s a business automation system which…

  • keeps potential patients engaged on your website.
  • motivates them to take action to contact you.
  • answers the time-wasters so you only get serious enquiries.
  • includes a dashboard so you can see key performance metrics instantly.
  • trains your staff how to turn the enquiries into appointments.
  • helps you ‘up-sell’ new potential patients to high-profit cosmetic procedures.
  • encourages opportunities to cross-sell other procedures and products.
  • gives you a powerful CRM system so you keep track of every patient and maximise their lifetime value.

These systems are successful, and will be set up and monitored for you, with live financial reports so you can track every penny spent on your own dashboard.

Effective and Successful Marketing for Dentists

“Why is Flow Online different from other business agencies?”

We are not like all the rest.

And here’s the difference – the systems we use for our successes are what we give you. Yes, you get the platform we actually use ourselves.

Our systems bring success to private dental practices.

You get all the tools, techniques, and templates we have been improving for years. Including decades of sales knowledge to go with it.

Measuring ROI is difficult for any business. Digital marketing allows you to measure everything, in real time, and then helps you to make informed decisions on where you spend your money, instead of guessing and hoping.

Flow Online

In 2001 we brought years of successful sales knowledge to create engaging websites, infusing SEO with enticing messaging. This approach had significant results. Many software solutions exist, but success lies in how your message provides the answer to their problems, not necessarily your solutions.

We will give you the best tools, and train you to make the most of them. Plus you will get our support for as little or as much as you want it. The quarterly progress meetings, email and live chat support form part of your system, and if you want more help, just ask.

Hard sales isn’t the answer; crafting compelling messaging is crucial. Flow Online’s mission is to ‘help your business grow’ with the right messaging, at the right time, using automation.

Who is it for?

  • You want to be the ‘go to’ dental practice in your area
  • You want to be compared by quality, not price
  • You want a business automation system you can control

If you are searching for purposeful, profitable ‘plug & play’ business automation that gives you freedom of time and money, then Grow Your Dental Practice is for you.

If you don’t want to spend thousands on hiring a marketing company that sends you reports you don’t understand, but instead you want a comprehensive business automation system, with the backing of experts in dental marketing – click the button below.

Step 1 – (free)
Method Meeting

  • You choose a date from the Flow Online calendar.
  • Discuss your current position and achievement goals.
  • We go through the software, and answer all your questions.

Step 2 –
Pathway Workshop

  • We set up your system, with you, just as you want it.
  • We go through the Marketing Skills Training area, which is always available.
  • You decide when you want to start.

Step 3 –
Grow Your Practice

  • Quarterly Progress Meetings, with all support details.
  • We list services we can do for you, if that’s what you want.
  • You decide how much or how little you want to do.

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