Do you ask yourself…

  • How do I get more buyers on my website?

  • How do I get more prospects to contact me?

  • How can I get my clients to buy more from me?

The Flow Online Story

As a successful salesman in a small printing company, life took a turn when the company was sold, and the new owners pushed for sales tactics I couldn’t morally align with. Feeling conflicted, I left.

I felt terrible, this seemed like a selfish decision, letting my wife down, and putting our family in jeopardy.

Capitalising on my sales success, I began training others using my unique methods. However, with the evolving landscape, I recognised the digital future.

In 2001, I started creating websites, infusing SEO and my sales knowledge into enticing messaging rather than brochure websites with traditional sales pitches. This approach had significant results, leading to the formation of Flow Online in 2002, dedicated to helping small businesses thrive.

Today, we focus on impactful messaging, primarily through email marketing and SEO.

My family grew as did the business, so in 2008, my wife Tina joined the company and together we created a small remote team of talented people that is focused, agile and dedicated.

Loads of software solutions exist, but success lies in how you use them and the message you convey.

Hard sales isn’t the answer; crafting compelling messaging is crucial. Flow Online’s mission is to ‘help your business grow’ with the right messaging, at the right time, using automation.

Dominic Hassall trains dentists with postgraduate courses up to masters and beyond. In the first year of working with Flow Online his course intake more than doubled, and in the second year he achieved 411% growth in sales.

Meet the team

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