Automate your sales process

Move your business to the next level

Website Lead Capture

Before you fill the top of the funnel, you must stop prospects from flowing through the leaks.

The first thought might be to fill the funnel with leads, start at the top, but that would be very wrong. First you have to stop your prospects from getting away, make the most of every opportunity, and stop wasting them by allowing prospects to fall through the gaps in your funnel.

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Traffic Growth Formula

Getting the right prospects into your funnel

Now it is time to seriously start to fill the top with good leads

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Customer Nurture

Maximizing the value of your relationships.

Small businesses that implement personalized automated follow-up save time, convert leads into customers, increase revenue and improve the success of their business.

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Automate Lead Generation

Your email list is where the long-term gold is.

Treat your list regularly with help and information about things you know they want to hear. Show respect and they will return it, so when it is time to sell them something, they will be happy to listen.

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Drive your business forwards

How we make it happen

Website Design

Good website design that engages with the visitor will give you a real edge over your competitors.

Enhance your brand, show the professionalism, and give the right impression from the start, with a great visitor experience.

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Create Online Courses

Transform your expertise into a highly profitable program or course.

From postgraduate clinical courses to how to use GoPro. You will reach more people and be able to automate the process online.

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Launch your Product, Service or Course

It is a formula…

Attract leads, convert, succeed, follow up, generate referrals.

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Social Media Marketing

Honesty is crucial. Quality messages, with respectful comments; that is the way to be recommended.

Clients and prospects are already talking about you; if you are not involved in the conversation already, you should be.

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Very often people searching for the big, ‘general’ keywords are just window shopping, so even if you get to the top of the rankings there is no guarantee they are going to buy from you.

Target keywords that bring you business, not just visitors.

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Email Marketing

Your email list is where the long-term gold is. If you get this right you are ahead of the competition.

If you show your list respect, it will be returned, so when it is time to sell, they will be happy to listen.

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PPC Advertising

Use PPC to supplement your digital marketing efforts, not as an alternative.

Results are pretty instant, so it is a great tool for research and experiment for new products and services, and when you find something that works, PPC is instantly scalable.

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Content Marketing

Having a strategy which includes focusing on delivering valuable content consistently, will attract and engage a defined audience.

They will eventually become long-term clients.

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Dental Marketing

Get more patients and make your dental practice more profitable without large agency fees.

Digital Marketing is a great opportunity for any dental practice to grow quickly.

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Sell Your Handmade Products

Transform your website into a sales machine, so you can have the income you’ve always wanted from your craft.

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Writing Copy That Converts

Automate the buying journey and process

A strategic approach to content marketing will pull prospects into your thoughts so they want to become clients.

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Digital Revenue Streams

Talk to your clients and prospects about their aspirations, issues and needs. Use Social Media to monitor what they are talking about.

Inspiration and ideas for future products and services will come from interacting with your clients, from asking questions about their issues, and listening to them.

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