Email Marketing

Better ROI than most other marketing

Your email list is where the long-term gold is. If you get this right you are ahead of the competition.

This is an important point that most people miss. If you treat your list well it will reward you many times over.


Do you have an ‘engaged’ email list?…

It is never too late to start, but building your list is a must…

  • You own your list and can control your engagement with it
  • Get the attention of your audience and keep them interested
  • Track every click and send a targeted follow up instantly
  • You only send emails to the people who want to get them
  • Personalised emails get a much higher click-through rate
  • Engage with new subscribers and reinforce your message with auto-responders

Create an Email Marketing System that is automated and geared to give you regular hot leads, as opposed to ‘hope marketing’.


Product and course launches are made possible with your email marketing strategy…

  • Set up your website so visitors want to subscribe to them
  • Set up autoresponders for one-off or a series of emails
  • Set up a series to be sent automatically for training or longer-term sales
  • Get an instant report for your email campaign

Own your email list and steer your marketing strategy based on feedback and facts…

Search Engine Marketing (SEO, PPC, etc), Content Marketing, and Social Media are all very important, but think about ownership and control for a second…

Google change their rules all the time, as does Facebook. You can’t rely fully on these.

Your list however, is yours.

If you treat your list well it will reward you many times over.

Automate your sales funnel

Set up regular split tests which will constantly move you forward.

Provide valuable gifts in return for feedback and surveys; you will be in control of your online marketing and know exactly what to do to improve the system.

If you show your list respect, it will be returned, so when it is time to sell something, they will be happy to listen…

  • Send emails that engage people and pull them into your campaigns
  • Your emails should ‘pull’ people in, and only ‘sell’ to this list now and then – ‘push’
  • A small engaged email list is much more productive than a large cold list
  • If you treat the list like family you will ‘pull’ them into wanting your products and services

Do you need some help building an email list?

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