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The best thing that came out of the pandemic for me.

Learning how to work from home without disrupting the life balance is certainly a challenge, and one lesson that was good for most people to learn during a lockdown is how to stay connected, without the physical human interaction our species craves.

Now we are in relatively safer times, community is still a big thing, whatever your industry. Post pandemic there are less face-to-face meetings than before, and we all feel the need to connect.

Investing your time in the right areas

Towards the end of 2019 I was feeling really battered, marketing is a hard industry most days, let alone when you can’t meet. I knew that I needed someone to bounce a few ideas off, or discuss strategies with, but there is so much noise out there all the time, who do you believe, who do you invest your time in?

For me, I have used this time to identify what is important in our lives. My family life is great, and I am mindful to keep it that way. Something that I have focussed my attention on is success in our workplace, whether a solo entrepreneur or an employee, it is important to our core being, we all want to feel we have done a good job.

So how can you get recognition and accountability when you work remotely?

SPI pro community

Professional and Private Online Networking Community

SPI member Tina Cheesley wearing an SPI pro t-shirt.

SPI Pro member Tina Cheesley

Pat Flynn

Finding the right place to hang out online and spend your time wisely is important to anyone with a busy life. I have followed Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income since he started, and totally admire his approach to business.

Then right on queue, as if it was planned all along, he launched a Pro Community.

What is SPI Pro?

It is a Professional and Private Online Networking Community that has over 2000 selected members. This includes stay-at-home parents with an idea, small business people, and full time workers who want a side hustle.

It is a place where enthusiasm and being part of an incredible journey can take place and thrive. A place for serious entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level, and get an opportunity to help others do the same.

What does it give you?

This community gives something for everyone, for different reasons, and some are here:

  • An opportunity to mix with others who are on the same journey as you.
  • A safe space to share your challenges, and learn how others deal with the same struggles.
  • An amazing set of resources that are up to date and help you Grow your Business.
  • A place to ask for help and have your peers and SPI Pro advisers point you in the right direction.
  • You are not alone, it is a space to connect, collaborate and be held accountable for the work you set out to do yourself.
  • The support is amazing.

Why did I become an SPI Pro member?

Back in May 2019 we were struggling to get new prospects to invest in their marketing. It seemed like they all wanted a quick win (for example ‘send a killer social post and the orders will flood in’), and what we were offering was a more holistic relationship rather than a quick fix which doesn’t work and isn’t sustainable.

Being very experienced, we know most of the answers, but we couldn’t convince new people to understand that a more long term approach was needed. We are a husband and wife with 4 more team members, we get great results, but our confidence was low and we needed to grow in a different way.

How do we offer people what they ‘want’, and at the same time give them what they ‘need’? Do we create products from our services to make them simpler to understand, or do we get better at persuading people to see the bigger picture?

Lots of dilemmas – then at the end of 2019 something happened that changed everything and pushed us into the right path. All of our clients paused everything to do with marketing overnight, once the pandemic started!

We needed to find some help, and Pat Flynn had the answer.

SPI Pro screenshot

Why am I writing about it?

I am part of a mastermind team that meets up every other week. To have that safe space to talk through any new ideas and projects, any issues, or just to talk about topical subjects such as ‘What is AI going to do for us in the future, and what are the opportunities it can give?’ It has given me a team of like-minded members who are all out to help you succeed.

For most entrepreneurs, sharing openly where you are with your business can be hard, but being part of a group that you turn up to regularly is a good way to start stepping out of your comfort zone, we all know the best wins are when you do this. It is a very unique, collaborative, and inspirational, safe space.

Isn’t this the same as a networking group?

No, not really, Pat Flynn and his team have created an ecosystem where you can niche down the type of people you want to be with, and yes it is great to be with other marketing people too. We all come from different countries, backgrounds, and experiences that form who we are, and it is very informative when you share a problem with a person who has walked down the same path.

It is also a fantastic community where you can meet similar people and even find your own community. Pat Flynn holds regular ‘ask me anything’ sessions, and many experts are brought in each month for informative learning on many choice subjects.

Like everything in life you get out what you put in and I was keen to learn more. A little nervous in truth to join something new, but I have enjoyed every minute of it.

What if I am just starting out?

Wherever you are on your business journey this is a great place to be. You may still be employed, you may want a side hustle, there are so many different paths you can take. You will have others on the same journey as you and those ahead of you too, there are super helpful forums, learning rooms and an abundance of webinars and guides.

And you would be amazed how your own unique skills can help the more experienced business person in the group. We all have something to offer.

Another great thing about SPI Pro and Pat’s new community is the launch of All Access Pass. You have access to courses that are thought out and easy to consume. It is an ever-growing knowledge base of useful resources to help you grow.

Invest your time wisely and reap your rewards. You will not be disappointed.

Pat wrote the book ‘Will It Fly’ a number of years ago, and I have this as our guide when we look at new products. I share this resource with many people over and over and the time it saves is incredible. The whole community seems like such a giving group of people.

If you know me personally, you will know that I am not a groupie, I am also not someone who gives praise lightly, but this is a good thing to be involved in. If you are prepared to give a part of yourself and are open to learning from others, you will get back multiple times what you give.

I include an affiliate link below, but what’s wrong with that? I’m known for high moral standards, so I wouldn’t risk my reputation on something that I wasn’t 100% behind.

BTW, ‘affiliate marketing’, that’s a whole other conversation we will have soon.

There is an application process which takes 7 minutes, and if you want to look over the resources first, go over to All Access Pass and see what is on offer there.

SPI Pro, Pat Flynn, Matt and the whole team, well done, and thanks for having the foresight to develop this amazing community.

If you want to know more and check it out for yourself, click the button below.

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  1. Shane

    Spending my time with the right people, learning, working, socialising, with friends, family, colleagues – it’s hard to know what is right. One thing is clear to me is that discussing my issues with like-minded people in a safe environment means I get mentors and cheer leaders in the same room. This type of networking is much more helpful to my personal and business growth than previous experiences.

    • Alan Cheesley

      Glad to hear this Shane, it is so important to have meaningful connections. Thank you.

  2. Joanna Randall

    I think this insight is so valuable Tina and many people will identify with the last few years in isolation and in emerging from the pandemic into a very different marketing space. I am keen to give it a go as you know!

    • Tina Cheesley

      Yes Jo, your people are here, everyone is all in and committed to improving themselves and helping others.

  3. Chuck Hilbran

    Coming out of the pandemic had me realize that relationships are far more important than I ever realized. This is amazing Tina! Collaboration in a safe and helpful environment is necessary in this day and age.

    • Tina Cheesley

      Thanks Chuck, I have been to many networking groups that have always been a little too guarded and salesy, building relationships in the right group is refreshing.

  4. Nick Caruana

    Being part of a community and building relationships is what my career is all about. Spending the time to get to know people and genuinely care is what makes the world a better place.

    • Tina Cheesley

      Thanks Nick, it has been a pleasure to build a relationship with you over these last 8 years! The SPI Pro community has enabled me to branch out online too.


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