Social Media Marketing

Social Media and Relationship Management go hand-in-hand

Anyone who has clients and customers has to manage the relationship they have with you.

You can’t wait for people to talk about you, you have to be involved in the conversation, so get involved.


Is this you?…

You know you should be utilising Social Media as a free tool to promote your business and engage your customers, but…

  • You don’t have the time
  • You don’t know which platforms will work for your business
  • You don’t know what content to post or how to post it
  • You can’t get the finance director to understand the ROI

Important AND urgent
You know this is important, but if you are like most people, it is left for another day. You know this is wrong, so let’s help you start…


Today’s word-of-mouth

The use of Social Media is going back to the great days when you would only use a company that had been recommended to you. It used to be called ‘word of mouth’.

Now we rely on Social Media to let us know about a great service or product. Using sales talk in Social Media is frowned upon (just like with ‘word of mouth’), so the theory is that SoMe creates trust in the recommendation.

Which Social Media Platform is right for you?

There are many different SoMe platforms to use. In some ways the biggest decision is not what to say, but which to use, and the answer is not the same for everyone.

You need a strategy for SoMe that fits into your Marketing Plan, and is sustainable and reliable, so don’t over commit. Quality is the key, not necessarily quantity.

Automate your word-of-mouth

Honesty is crucial. Quality messages, with respectful comments; that is the way to be recommended.

Clients and prospects are already talking about you; if you are not involved in the conversation already, you should be.

Communicate directly with your active and potential clients, and let them do your advertising for you.

  • You give quality and you will get quality back
  • Social Media really helps your SEO profile long term
  • SoMe is the quickest way to get a message out to the masses

How to be sociable…

  • We help you decide which platforms will suit you and your business
  • We set everything up for you to be sure your efforts are sustainable and professional
  • We can help you with content and guide you in best practices
  • Then you can manage your own social media channels
  • It is essential that the platforms are set up correctly – most people get that bit wrong
  • Follow others and see what people are saying about you and your competition
  • Having an engaging presence on social media can open up new lines of communication
  • Together with you we will develop a forward planner for scheduled social media content

To find out how to maximise your Social Media presence and automate the process

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