Coronavirus and Your Business

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Coronavirus and Your Business
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Coronavirus and Your Business

In light of recent events, you may be thinking about Coronavirus and your business. What impact will it have? How will it survive? My series of upcoming videos and free content are designed to help guide you.

Times have changed

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is a huge epidemic, and we are rapidly beginning to understand more about the scale of the impact around the world.

In times of crisis the leaders have to stand up and show our friends and colleagues which road to take.

Some see this purely as a business opportunity, and some are thoughtless. But there is a better way forward, and I want you to show the way.

Working together

During the world wars my parents and grandparents talked about the camaraderie, ordinary people going out of their way to help each other for the common good.

We are a species that works best as a community, like-minded people working together for a common goal.

Many people have already lost their jobs, and there will be good companies closing.

There is much we can do, but we have to think differently.

Just yesterday a close friend went to see his 90 year old father to show him how to use Skype, thus avoiding a lot of potentially life threatening contact.

That’s using the internet at its best.

Think differently in your business

Businesses can do the same. Think differently. Think about your clients. They will be struggling, so give them help. Find ways for them to do their business better, without physical contact.

One of our clients runs postgraduate courses for dentists. Thankfully we created an online blended version of some of his courses, so now that dentists may have to stay at home they can use the time to learn in isolation and do the practical part of the course when the crisis is over.

Over the coming days and weeks I will be sharing all of our tricks and secrets that have worked so well for our clients. This will be free, and I want it to be the start of a movement, to help others as your first thought.

It will take time to tell you everything, but I am going to start now, so watch this space.

All I ask of you, is you think about your obligation to the rest of us, all of us. And if you have clients I am going to help you to help them survive these troubled times.