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Use targeted keywords that bring you business, not just visitors.
Long-tail keyword phrases are a better way to connect with real purchasers.

Connect with real purchasers

Long-tail keyword phrases are sometimes ignored because they are not used as frequently as the general phrases – think deeper, these phrases are usually searched for by people who know what they want and are ready to do something about it.

Once they are on your website you have an opportunity to open their eyes to other relevant offers.

For example: If you are selling cycling equipment, you will find it very difficult to rank highly for ‘cycling’ or ‘bicycle’, because there is too much competition.  But if one of your products is iPhone mounts, then keyword phrases like ‘iPhone mount for hybrid handlebar’ would consistently give you focused visitors looking for exactly what you are offering… and there will be a lot less competition.

Everyone wants to be top of the Google Rankings for the top keywords in their industry.  Sure that would be great, but probably not a realistic goal, especially if you want some quick successes.

Do you want to know a better tactic… that works?

Targeted keywords that bring you business, not just visitors.

Very often people who search for the big, ‘general’ keywords are just window shopping, so even if you get to the top of the rankings there is no guarantee they are going to buy from you.

The gold is in the long-tail keyword phrases, for two main reasons…

  1. Specific, long-tail searches have much less competition, so you can rank high quickly, and if you have some great content to support the keywords, you can stay top.
  2. People searching for these are being specific, and therefore are more likely to take the search to a positive conclusion, and are probably ready to buy.

Long-tail keyword phrases are specific and easier to target.  There is less traffic, sure, but the visitors are better, focused, committed, and ready.  This is a great way to get closer to the consumer and what they actually want.

Long-tail refers to a distribution graph:

graphic explaining keywords efficiancy

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General keywords like Google, Facebook, or The Beatles will get around 10-15% of searches, 15-20% for medium keyword phrases, so by far the largest group of searches are long-tail keyword phrases.

Competition is large for shorter keyword phrases and the visitors are less likely to purchase – the opposite is true for long-tail keyword phrases.

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