What is the best time to send an email campaign?

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Many clients begin their journey with us because they want better results from their e-newsletter, and more engagement with their email in general. The first question they ask is – What is the best time to send an email campaign?

Does it matter what time you send an email?

Yes. You know how important it is to get the timing of your social media so people will see it, well it also matters when you send your email to your list.

The main reason – if you want the reader to do something, to take action, to click something, it has to be at a time when they are ready to go to the next step.

Every email must have a purpose, something which will take the reader to the next step in their educational journey or their relationship with you.

If an email arrives in their inbox at the wrong time it will be ignored or deleted without them making that connection with you.

Are the best times for sending email different for B2B and B2C

Another yes. The best time and frequency will be determined by the subject, the content, and the recipient.

How can I improve open rates?

Although many sectors are similar, it pays to try harder to improve your open rate. This post will give you more on the best times to send email to your list. When is the best time to send an e-shot or e-newsletter?

Some people you want to reach may be working 9-5, some will have short days, and for others work and home have a tendency to merge.

Cold emailing lawyers, doctors, dentists

Lawyers, doctors, dentists, etc, have very demanding jobs – I’m sure there are many others I could (and perhaps should) mention, and there seems to be more of them as more people have an office at home.

To get the attention of this group is very difficult, they are very busy people, but the rewards are huge when you get it right.

Knowing your Avatar is crucial – do they have a family, does their spouse work similar hours, when do they learn, and when do they prepare for work?

For instance, dentists are focussed on their patients all day, but if you are targeting this group with ideas about holidays etc, it will be good to catch them at lunchtime, however, they will not make a decision until later in the evening.

If you want to engage with dentists about furthering their career or going on a course, then the evening around 7pm, Monday to Thursday is best to grab their attention, and a reminder later in the evening could finalise their decision.

Avoid the weekends for B2B emails, however another very successful time is Sunday evening, when they are preparing for the next week at work.

Emails with CTA and scarcity

Many of us are too busy to make a decision straight away and need time to think, that’s why adding in some scarcity will help your email conversions.

When selling courses to this, and many other groups, it is the ‘final chance’ email which gets, by far, the most buyers.

So build campaigns with a beginning and an end, and create a crescendo of interesting emails which tease and teach, up to the point when they can buy now, but if they don’t, it’s gone tomorrow.