Beginner’s Guide to Google+ (plus)

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This is the last of the current series of Beginner’s Guides to Social Media.  There are many other platforms to watch out for too, but after this post I am going to concentrate on getting a bit more in-depth in other areas.  One of the next posts will be about the rise of Google+ and how you should be using it now for your advantage later.

So, as I usually say, there may be some ideas that experts could take from these words, but it is aimed at the novice who is just beginning to understand Social Media.

Trust Google

Consumers trust Google and social media, but not all businesses are active on Google Plus. If you have not gotten your Google Plus page set up, you are one step behind in your reputation management.

Google is really pushing Google+.  “Of course they are”, I hear you say, but please don’t dismiss it as Google’s way to get involved in Social Media.  Google is arguably the biggest player on the Internet, so we should look into this deeply.

Why Google+ is different

All the SM platforms have their different ways of doing things.  One of the things Google+ is better for is having conversations, and the way it organizes the different types of friends into ‘circles’ is brilliant.  However, the big thing to remember is that with Google+, your content will be indexed quickly – after all, they are Google.

With all the other Social Media platforms we ask, “are your clients using it”?  Google+ is different; it doesn’t matter.  Try not to think about Google+ ‘reach’ the same way you think about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you have to consider the search implications – I’ll go into this in more depth in a future post.

Influencing search and reach

Google+ is already influencing search results.  In the past couple of years there has been a shift from SEO to Social Media to influence ‘reach’.  Google is interested in ‘authorship’ rather than the ability to technically SEO a web page.

Don’t dismiss SEO

Please don’t totally dismiss SEO; you still have to create good websites with clean code.  And the rules for Title Tags, URLs, and Headers still have a big influence in letting spiders know what your web page is about, but think about the way search is being influenced, and where Google+ is being aimed.

Do it now

If you don’t already, you should take Google+ very seriously.  Even if you don’t have time to do much yet, just set up your account and use it properly later.

I found this video, which sums it up nicely.

So, things to do:-
1. Claim your Google+ local listing
2. Create a branded Google+ page
3. Build a network around that, and follow some good people.
4. With your blog, or publishing anywhere, get a Google+ one button, so people can share your content on their Google+.
5. On site, link to G+ profile, this makes a 2-way link.

Do it now and get in the lead while the competition is low.  You may be able to dominate your niche quickly.

As this is the last of the Social Media Beginner’s Guides, please ask me anything about Social Media and all of the platforms.  What do you need to get started?