Social Media Scheduling Using Hootsuite

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The Value of a Good Social Media Content Management Tool

Don’t restrict your social media content to only reaching your followers during the 9-5

Most people are checking their phones 24/7, which means scheduling your social media content so that it appears in front of your desired audience at all times of the day, night and week is becoming all the more important.

Fortunately, there are social media content management tools which allow for posts to be automated so that your message is still active even when you are not.

For many small businesses the Hootsuite tool is the first point of entry for planning and scheduling social media content.

The FREE entry level plan is a good place to start because it has more than enough features and capabilities to meet your scheduling needs.

  • 3 social profiles
  • Basic analytic reports
  • Schedule up to 30 messages
  • 2 RSS feed integrations
  • 150+ free and paid apps and integrations
  • Online help centre
  • Free social media courses

Because you might need more than the basic free plan, Hootsuite offers pro, business and enterprise plans for larger businesses.

Sign up and connect your social networks

You can add and manage any of the following social profiles from your dashboard:

  • Twitter profiles
  • Facebook profiles, pages and groups
  • Instagram business and personal profiles
  • Google + pages and profiles
  • YouTube channels
  • LinkedIn profiles and company pages
  • blogs
  • Pinterest profiles

Set up your Hootsuite dashboard

The dashboard is intuitive and very user-friendly.

Set up streams for each social network so that you can monitor conversations and engage with customers.

Each social network offers unique stream types and search streams are especially valuable for finding social activity around specific users, locations, or keywords.

Use the tabs to organise your streams into groups.

Publish messages

You can engage with your audience at any time by scheduling your social messages and you can save time by scheduling a single message to multiple social networks at once.

Install apps

The app directory is a library of free and paid third-party apps developed to extend the functionality of the dashboard.

Download Hootlet

The Chrome browser extension lets you quickly share content to your social networks from anywhere on the web.

Download Hootsuite mobile

You can manage your social media on the go by downloading the app, available for both iPhone and Android.

Hootsuite Academy

Take a look at the courses that are available to help you maximise your social media marketing.

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