Launch your Product, Service or Course

It is a formula…

Attract leads, convert, succeed, follow up, generate referrals.

Online or offline; course, service or product; how do you reach to the masses, what do you say to them, and how do you get them to believe in you?

Is this you?

  • “I have a great product but I can’t get anyone to buy it”
    • Create an automated funnel of people who want to hear from you
  • “I don’t have a list of email addresses”
    • Create an email list and make 60% open-rates on an email campaign
  • “I can’t get my email read by enough people”
    • Build your own list and achieve unsubscribe rates of less than 1%
  • “I know video is good, but isn’t that expensive?”
    • Video is important and there are many easy and cheap solutions

So how does it work?…

  • First you plan – strategy, timing, content overview.
  • Find your Avatar (target market). When you know their needs, wants, dreams, aspirations, then you will know where to find them and how to speak to them.
  • Spread the word using every avenue available to you.
  • Create Lead Magnets – a great opportunity to get people excited about what you do by blowing them away with a fantastic taster.
  • Write an autoresponder sequence which takes them through a journey where you address their pain points. Leading to a launch sequence of videos which has a tested formula for success.

Clarity and automation…

  • The more research you do on your Avatar the better you will understand their mental triggers; take the guesswork out of marketing.
  • There is no selling involved in this formula, you find out what people want, address their pain points, give them tasters to entice them, lead them slowly through a journey, and give them solutions based on what you know will help them.
  • Decide on an Event Launch or make it Evergreen.
  • Write a great campaign and automate the whole journey. Then you analyse and improve the content and the formula, leaving you time to enjoy the results, or create the next product launch.

The formula is not selling, it is all about GIVING

Being honest, transparent, thoughtful and giving has always been the most successful long-term tactic, but it involves hard work, integrity and time.

Now you can maximise hard work by just doing it once… then it can be replicated time and again by automation.

That is why this formula works

Building the foundations:

  • Clarify your avatar and your offering
  • Create a Content Calendar including seasonal topics
  • Test the market for keywords, titles and price
  • Build an engaged email list from scratch, with squeeze pages, landing pages, thank you pages, survey and data capture
  • Advertise in appropriate places offline and online
  • Design and write marketing campaign, including emails, PR and ads
  • Film, edit and produce promotional videos using the Problem Solution Path

Launch and nurture:
Build awareness through all social platforms

  • Launch through a series of emails to the engaged list
  • Automate your product sales and customer journey
  • After sales journey for customer satisfaction
  • Customer nurture sequence for courses
  • Up-selling sequence to satisfied customers

Focus on your client, not the sales process

If this seems like hard work – good, anything worthwhile has to be worked for. But don’t let it be wasted, your hard work can be maximised with automation, so you can concentrate on the client rather than the process.

So, do you want a proven strategy or use hope marketing like the majority of businesses?

The formula works. If you would like some guidance or even create the whole launch, contact us.

Contact The Team0117 9775776 or email us:

Automate Lead Generation

Your email list is where the long-term gold is.

Treat your list regularly with help and information about things you know they want to hear. Show respect and they will return it, so when it is time to sell them something, they will be happy to listen.

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Create Online Courses

Transform your expertise into a highly profitable program or course.

From postgraduate clinical courses to how to use GoPro. You will reach more people and be able to automate the process online.

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Digital revenue streams

Talk to your clients and prospects about their aspirations, issues and needs. Use Social Media to monitor what they are talking about.

Inspiration and ideas for future products and services will come from interacting with your clients, from asking questions about their issues, and listening to them.

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Course Building

Many people stop before they begin because they don’t think anyone will buy their course, or they don’t value their own knowledge.

It has never been easier to create a course or product – just do it.

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Social Media

Honesty is crucial. Quality messages, with respectful comments; that is the way to be recommended.

Clients and prospects are already talking about you; if you are not involved in the conversation already, you should be.

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Website Design

Good website design that engages with the visitor will give you a real edge over your competitors.

Enhance your brand, show the professionalism, and give the right impression from the start, with a great visitor experience.

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Email Marketing

Your email list is where the long-term gold is. If you get this right you are ahead of the competition.

If you show your list respect, it will be returned, so when it is time to sell, they will be happy to listen.

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Very often people searching for the big, ‘general’ keywords are just window shopping, so even if you get to the top of the rankings there is no guarantee they are going to buy from you.

Target keywords that bring you business, not just visitors.

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PPC Advertising

Use PPC to supplement your digital marketing efforts, not as an alternative.

Results are pretty instant, so it is a great tool for research and experiment for new products and services, and when you find something that works, PPC is instantly scalable.

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Lead Capture

Doing anything in isolation is rarely a good long-term strategy, but a well planned approach using many different tools can win the game.

Once perfected, your strategy can be automated to leave you to focus on your clients.

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Content Marketing

Having a strategy which includes focusing on delivering valuable content consistently, will attract and engage a defined audience.

They will eventually become long-term clients.

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